LDSFT organises following programs towards the pursuit of its mission.

1. Temples Rejuneation

A. Temple Cleaning- uzhavarapani
B. Priests , Pujaris , Temple workers welfare.
C. Educating Priests for Devotees Expectations

2. Education programmes at Temples and in Public places.:

Temples as Education and Learning Centres . Such as Teaching Thevaram, Thiruvachagam , Basic Hindu Dharma , reciting various slokas , Indian Culture and Heritages of Spiritual lessons etc in temples. Schools on Spirituality[ Anmigam] for Children in each temple.

3 . Audio Visual programmes in temples such as 108 Divya Desangal, etc

4 .Temple Reconstructions : Networking, Acoountability and Auditabilty.

5. Anmiga Sutrula : To see known temples and remote village temples

And attend rituals and functions in temples.

6. To teach how to do pujas at home and all rituals to All communities of Hindu ,

Diligent population etc.

7. Establish an International Centre of Hind Dharma Studies for westerners.

8. Integrated Community Development Project around each temple or in a village

concentrating Economic, Education, Health and Social Development. Community

Service around temples. Faith Based community services.

9. Renovating Temple tanks in association with Neer Exnora and State Govt.

10. Interacting with like minded organizations for temples.

11.Planting one crore Agathi [ Sesbania grandliflora] in villages , the fodder as food for

Holy cows.

12. Establishing Devotees Forum For each temple, Data base of devotees and priests.

13. Conducting Perodical Lectures , seminars and conferences on Hindu Dharma.

14. Conducting Hindu Dharma oriented events like Bajans, Musical Discourses, Katha Kaleshebams etc in public places and in temples.

15. Start chapters in various cities on above activities.

16. A 12-16 page Tabloid news paper on Hindu Dharma, as well as epaper.

17. Training of Volunteers for Spiritual Healings in Hospitals.

18. Shivalaya deepam . Mohwa [ Iluppa Oil] Lamps in Bhairavar Sannadhis.

19. Establishing Loka Dharma Youth Forums in Colleges, Schools.