Temple Cleaning at Komalambikai Udanurai Arul Migu, Pudupet, Chennai

Published May 25, 2014

Month  Temple  Cleaning Project of LDSFT was held on  Sunday 25  May, 2014 between 10 AM-1 PM at Komalambikai Udanurai Arul migu Komaleeswarar Thirukoil, Komaleeswararan Pettai, Pudupet, Chennai-2

Twenty-seven (27) members participated, in that 13 were gents and 14 ladies.

On arrival, Dr. R. Subramanian welcomed all mainly the new comers. He thanked  Thiru. Saravanan, EO, Chindaripet for permission and keen interest. He thank EO’s staff at temple, Mrs. Nalini and temple staff  Shri. Sudhakar and Gurukkal Shri. Chandra sekaran.

LDSFT leader Shri. Manickam gave a talk on their[ 30 members] trip to  Kasi[ Varanasi], Allahabad Sangamam, Shridi  Baba Temple at  Nasik, and to  Rameswararam[ Dips].  He gave prasadams to all members.

Members divided into  groups and started the work.

Manickam has taken the job of developining Back to  temple garden. He planted 6 Badam trees, watered. He and his friends cleaned the area watered all existing plants. It is planned to put a garden of 27 trees for 27 stars with the help of  Tree  Researcher  Shri. Krishnamurthy in coming month. It is also planned to  plant  Maha Vilvam [ 10 leaves] to be brought from  Thiruvannamalai.

Ladies team  of  Subhasini, Shantha etc collected temple vessels, bells etc below a tap washed with tamarind and polished with Pitambari.

Asokan and others cleaned the bottom of Kodimaram with detergents and polished with Pitambari.. They cleaned the  Nandi and balipeetam ares , sorroundings with detergents and water.

Madhusudanan and others cleaned the  floor tile areas infront of  Bairavar, Durga and Anjaneyar  sannadhis using  CIF, Sabina, Acid and removed the black areas of oil spills.

Rajaraman and his family cleaned the trays for  oil lamps and arranged infront of sannadhis.

Shantha, Uma, Subasini and others lighted 108 Mahua oil lamps infront of main sannadhi.

Shri. Jagannathan and his friend cleaned the  Navagraha Sannadhi thoroughly.

The vast tiled area of  outer floor was washed with with soap oil and cleaned well using water. The temple gate was cleaned along with entrance and Rangoli was put. Inside sannadhi  ,floor, walls were cleaned well using detergents and water.

The  Gurukkal did sankalpam for all and a puja for welfare of all.

The 52 photos are sent separately.

This project is funded from  Hindu  Heritage Endowment, Hawai, USA.

A sumptuous  Lunch was served to all , thanks to the  Cooks and Temple  Admin.

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