Cleaning at Apparswamy Temple, Mylapore, Chennai

Published September 23, 2013

Report 94 TC 22/9/2013

LDSFT’s 94 month TC was held on Sunday  22 September, 2013, 10 AM-1 PM at Apparswamy Temple, Mylapore, Chennai.  25 members in that 13  Gents and 12 Ladies participated. The temple is  Visalakshi udanurai Kasi viswanathar temple.

On arrival Dr.R.Subramanian, welcomed new members and others expained the history of the temple, its vast campus and well laid sannadhis. He then explained  the schedule for next months Uzhavarapani.

Members divided into several groups started the cleaning.

Shri. Jagannathan, who came little late took charge the  Navagraha Sannadhi thoroughly cleaned with his collegue with detergents and water using modern equipments.

Asokan, Madhusudan and others removed debris from big tree area at entrance , cleaned well.

Followind sannadhis outside  main temple were cleaned by ladies group, Saneeswarar, ganapathi sannadhis

The main temple  of Lord Kasi Viswanathar, with Apparswamy   was cleaned  at walls, ceiling, and floor. Floor was cleaned with detergents and water. Amman Sannadhi and Bhairavar sannadhi were cleaned well..

Iluppa oil lamps were lighted at Bhairavar Sannadhi.

The garden area around the temple was cleaned removed the debris. The kodimaram and balipeetam were cleaned with detergents and water.

108 oil lamps were lighted on a table provided by temple infront of  Lord siva.

The entire vast area  with in the compound was sweeped and cleaned.

Members had a sumptuous Lunch provided by temple authorities.

Photos are sent sepately.

95 month temple cleaning will be held on 27 October at Anjaneyar Temple, R.H. high road, mylapore, Chennai.

The TC was funded by  Hindu Heritage Endowment,  Kuaai, Hawai, USA,  grately acknowledged.


2 Responses to “Cleaning at Apparswamy Temple, Mylapore, Chennai”

  1. makku March 24, 2014

    Are there not staff employed for these purposes in the temple? Why should some third persons do what they are supposed to do?
    By the way where is your registered office? I would like to visit in person and pay my regards, and some donation.

  2. Web Admin July 9, 2014

    Because the government is not looking after these temples.

    Please visit us at: 90/2 (old 153), Beracah Road, Varadhambal Thottam Main St., Kilpakkam, Chennai-600010

    Ask for Dr. R. Subramanian, Tel. (044) 2498 1559

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