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Loka Dharma Seva Foundation Trust (LDSFT) is a registered NGO that is pursuing the mission of Lokadharma in Bharatavarsa (that is India). Lokadharma is a unique program of integrated dharma education, training and service with the purpose of facilitating true and unique adhyatmic experience in a modern setting.

The Lokadharma program is unique because it is patterned after the ancient gurukula system but designed to take on challenges of modern life. The Lokadharma program avoids the modern-day “congregations” in vogue that are mostly driven by a single guru mimicking the papacy. Under Lokadharma, the adhyatmic training and experience is guided by multiple gurus and acharyas, but avoids the shepherd-flock model.

The Lokadharma program also facilitates an integrated view of adhyatma where artha & kama are as important, and are prerequisites to the pursuit of moksha. Most modern “congregations” bypass artha and kama, thus short-circuiting chaturvidha purusharthas. The Lokadharma program enables a seeker to experience adhyatma in its true form, as was envisioned by the Vedic Rishis in ancient Bharatavarsa (example – temple cleaning is as important as worshipping the deity in the temple).

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